Wednesday, March 25, 2009

new music

here is some new music that has been soundtracking my days beautifully of late, give your ears a gift and have a listen.

The Rakes
sounds like summer nights, fuelled by yoga, yoghurt and organic produce.
f*-% that, its rock to cause trouble to. soundtrack for summer right here
the rakes
klang! on release march 23rd on v2/universal

Fever Ray
Fever Ray
from the electronic side of the moon fever ray's album is an atmospheric wander through a melodic jungle, with kate bush vocal tones and a gentle hypnotic throb to the varied beats Karin Dreijer Andersson reigns queen of my ipod
fever ray
fever ray on release march 18th on rapid records

David Kitt
The Nightsaver
ah kittser, he is not a singer songwriter! so all y'all who've not tuned into this stunning homegrown talent since Small Moments need to check yourselves and his new album which is in a word, ace.
the nightsaver is on release march 27th from goldspillin' records

Katie Kim
Katie Kim has been around for a while, her album was released October last year, i arrived late but i reckon i'm still welcome. check out this talented waterford lass and the slow burning warm embrace that is Twelve, ten tracks blending a subtle voice, beats, guitar, darkness, light, lullabies...
katie kim
Twelve on release now from Granny It's Ok to Experiment Records

Hunter Gatherer
various ep's and releases available from his myspace, album on the way
prolific in his work and benevolent with the output offering plenty of electronic goodies for free, Hunter Gatherer is moody, broody, uplifting, an aural rip curl.
hunter gatherer

closer to home, red eskimo's album just arrived but you'll have to wait til next week for that one, peter delaney, neil delaney and robert carey's 'the grey death billow' will be released on may 1st from their own label.
check them out red eskimo

walter mitty and the realists are back from canada and word on their blog is their debut is almost ready to roll, new songs up on their playlist and a single release date to be announced soon,
listen here walter mitty and the realists

nick carswell and the elective orchestra have been sequestered in a house in youghal since christmas, getting busy and laying down tracks for their debut album. sounding tight as ever at the jd sets last week, nick and co will be launching the first single, 'when i'm not around' in the georgian house, pery square, limerick on friday april 3rd at 6 bells, do come,
have a preview here nick carswell and the elective orchestra

records i didn't get to mention so am mentioning here instead which negates the statement about not mentioning them

the 202's
the 202's
dublin based trio, some with limerick roots and 'home' house addresses, they are making serious waves, they signed to french label Le Son de Maquis, their debut is on release and they are playing upstairs in dolan's, limerick tomorrow, thurs 26 at green n' live, which is free to enter. Go.

dark room notes dark room notes
New Album We Love You Dark Matter will be released on april 10th on Gonzo Records. I love dark matter too it appears, full review when i have given it the proper walk around on massive headphones treatment

malajube malajube french canadian surf / powerpop is apparently exactly what's needed on a wednesday afternoon :-)

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